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A project for fans to celebrate 50 years of words and music
Sunday, January 1 2017

As we know, 2017 is going to be a special year for Elton and so it seems right that the fans do something to recognise the occasion.

As a result, a small project has been proposed, which will celebrate both Elton John’s 70th birthday - and the 50th anniversary of his songwriting partnership with Bernie Taupin. The “50 Years of Words and Music” project aims to see a select group of Elton fans record and release an original song to commemorate Elton's career/partnership with Bernie.

This will strictly NOT be a commercial endeavour - the ambition would be to release the song on a platform like iTunes/YouTube (and spread it as far and wide as possible!) but not with a view to profiting from the exercise. This is for fun, and to do something in the spirit of celebration. If the project takes off, the idea is that it will be a professional recording and that we would aim to produce it in as high quality as possible.

As a tribute to Elton and Bernie, fans will create the track in the same way that their work has always been crafted: lyrics first, music second, then the recording, followed by the artwork, promotion and release. Anyone involved will be working individually (as Elton and Bernie do) and no two people will be in the same room at the same time as they work - although, for obvious reasons, they will liaise closely over email etc. as everything comes together.

Ground rules will still apply – if there are hundreds of expressions of interest, the organisers will make a judgement call on who to task with specific areas. It is also important to point out that this will be undertaken on a voluntary basis and no one will be getting paid. Individuals will retain ownership of their own creative works.

There are various aspects to this, and ways in which fans can become involved if they want to, and these are listed below. Please drop an email to 50yearsofwordsandmusic@gmail.com if you would like to get involved with, or have experience of, ANY of the following things:

1a) Writing the music / performing the vocals - ideally, this will be a piano-based track, but that isn't an absolute essential - don't hold back if you play another instrument. If you are able to compose *and* provide the vocals, that is a plus, but this can also be two separate people.

1b) Lyrics – A draft set of lyrics have already been penned, but other expressions of interest from writers are welcomed.

2) Designing the "cover" artwork – although the organisers don’t envisage a physical single release of this track, we hope that one Elton fan will be involved to design a piece of “cover art” to accompany the song.

3) Professionally recording the track - whether you have access to the right equipment, or have links with those who do, it would be great to hear from you.

4) Experience of "launching"/releasing a track on any of the major music platforms - YouTube, iTunes etc - or a willingness to liaise with them.

5) Last but not least... any links with music websites, radio stations, or other means and mechanisms for advertising and spreading the word when the track is ready to launch!

In your Inbox message, you will need to include a sample or two of your work where appropriate (be it design work, music files, samples of your vocals etc.) along with any other pertinent details. Every submission will receive a response, even if the applicant is unsuccessful. Please also remember to include where you are from in your message (country, state etc).

The organisers hope that, if we are really lucky and find the right people, we might even end up with another Elton/Bernie songwriting partnership!

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