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The final results for the Wonderful Crazy Year project
Saturday, March 18 2017

As you know, Elton will be celebrating his 70th birthday on March 25, 2017. We plan to publish the final results from the year-lasting project Wonderful Crazy Year that day.

Antti Honkasalo, who originated the idea for the project, will create lots of various lists based on the results of the project. There will be five different lists published:

  • the top 50 best rated songs (excluding live recordings)
  • the top ten live recordings
  • the albums from best to worst (excluding live albums)
  • the live albums from best to worst, including the two from Goodbye Yellow Brick Road super deluxe edition and Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy deluxe edition
  • the bottom ten worst rated songs
But this is not all you will get! There will be a simple text file featuring a complete list of all songs, a separate list for all live recordings and lots of various other lists that feature different kind of recordings, as well as the best comments given for the albums. You will be able to download it if you want to view additional information. The results from the three additional surveys will be there as well, and the best comments for the albums.

You can also suggest special lists that you would like to see included in the text file! Contact Antti via his e-mail address a.honkasalo@hotmail.com and tell him what kind of lists would you like to be created!

We only have one week until the results will be published, so be quick if you haven't placed your vote(s) yet!

We already thank you for all of your time and answers in the surveys!

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