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Wonderful Crazy Year - Elton Fan Survey
Friday, February 5 2016

With the release of "Wonderful Crazy Night" on February 5, 2016, we will kick off our "Wonderful Crazy Year" during which we invite you to vote on all of Elton's recordings since the beginning of his career.

Lead by Elton fan Antti Honkasalo from Finland (visit him on Facebook), who is one of the moderators of the Hercules Message Board under his pseudonym BiteUrLip, there have been many discussions and surveys about Elton's songs and albums in the previous years - such as "Elton John Song of the Day", which invited board members to rate a randomly chosen Elton recording on a daily basis.

A few months ago Antti came up with the idea to run a bigger survey including all of Elton's back catalogue - and also addressing all Elton fans and not just members of the Hercules Message Board.

Regular visitors of eltonfan.net might remember that we ran a similar project back in 2003. You can still find the results here. "Songs from the West Coast" was the most recent album at the time. Only five new studio albums have been released since, but we thought it would still be interesting to have the fans vote on all of Elton's albums again.

We will kick things off with his new album before taking a look at his back catalogue, with a new survey being released every week. As the project will also address albums such as "The Lion King" or "Good Morning to the Night" (Elton vs Pnau), voting will take place until the very end of the year as we have no less than 45 weeks of voting in the pipeline for you.

Simply click on the banner above to start voting.

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