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Elton: ‘Life Is Fabulous’
Friday, March 24 2017

With 70 looming, Elton is reflecting on life – and how his family with husband David has changed it for the better.

Chatting with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe in a lengthy interview, Elton said his marriage to David has “gotten better and better and better,” but admitted, “we’ve had our ups and downs like every other couple. Our love has grown stronger and stronger,” he said, adding, “And you have to work at it, you know you’re married.”

The couple – who have been together for over two decades and wed in 2014 – share sons Elijah, 4, and Zachary, 6.

“[Having children] makes all the difference because it’s about them not you,” said the musician. “And it’s the greatest thing you’ll ever know.”

He continued, “People say, ‘Well, I disagree I don’t want children’ and that’s fine, I would have said the same thing, until I had them. Then it was like ‘Wow this is it? Are you kidding me?’ If I was 15 years younger, I’d have two or three more. Without question.”

“Seventy sounds so archaic doesn’t it,” Elton told Lowe. “When I was growing up, 70 sounded like the end of the world. But things have changed, you’re only as old as you feel inside.”

Though Elton admitted that sometimes, his physical strength is down, he said, “My inner self I feel great.” And Elton’s certain to be in good spirits this weekend: he’s celebrating in style, with a bash that’s been mostly kept “secret” from the star.

“I just know that it’s a celebration of my 70th and the 50 years of partnership with [collaborator Bernie Taupin] and myself,” he told Lowe. “It’s a great year this year, it’s the 25th anniversary of the AIDS foundation, 50 years of Bernie and me, and 70 years of me. It’s nice to celebrate things. Life is fabulous.” All proceeds from the bash will go to the Elton John AIDS Foundation, and the Hammond Museum, Elton said.

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