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Guy Babylon condolences
Friday, September 4 2009

We are aware that many fans might wish to convey words of condolence to Guy's family.

You can either do that via guybabylonfan.net or through East End Lights either by email at eastendlights91@hotmail.com or by mail at East End Lights, 11-4040 Creditview Rd, Box 188, Mississauga, Ontario. L5C 3Y8 - Canada.

Kevin Bell of East End Lights had an opportunity to speak with Davey Johnstone, who stated that he was "devastated". Davey explained that Guy would go swimming several times a week, however on September 2, 2009, Guy began suffering chest pains during his swim, which quickly excelerated into a severe heart attack. Davey asked Kevin to relay a message out to the Elton John fans for us to pray for Guy's family.

Meanwhile, according to a report in the Carroll County Times, family members said the cause of death was unknown as of September 3, 2009. They are waiting on autopsy results. Funeral arrangements will be announced later, family members said. A memorial service will be held in Los Angeles the week of September 7, 2009.

Guy joined Elton’s band in 1988. He became lead keyboardist in 1992. In 2001, Guy won a Grammy award for arranging the stage musical “Aida.”

Music wasn’t the only thing that Babylon was good at. He was also quite the athlete, his sister Donna Babylon told the Carroll County Times on September 3, 2009. Guy was a competitive swimmer, attending the University of South Florida on a full scholarship. He also was a champion high jumper in high school, having won a state championship and holding Francis Scott Key’s high jumping record for 10 years. He also played basketball.

“We’re lucky he made it through life without a broken bone,” joked his mother, Mary Babylon. “He was all boy.” The family owns Babylon Vault Co. Inc. in New Windsor. The company manufactures septic tanks and concrete burial vaults. Guy’s father Graham wanted him to take over. Guy had other plans.

Donna Babylon remembered the day her little brother left New Windsor for Los Angeles. It was January 1, 1980. Guy’s pickup was packed and it was snowing. Nothing could stop him, not even the weather. “Guy tried [the family business] but he had a dream and followed his dream,” Donna remembered. “He pulled out of the driveway in a snowstorm and never looked back.”

No matter how big he got, Guy still had that small town charm in his soul. He loved tomatoes from his mother’s New Windsor garden and never ate ones grown in California. Mary Babylon would ship her son boxes of tomatoes twice a summer. “He’s got his son believing that the only good tomatoes are from Maryland,” Donna Babylon joked.

Guy leaves behind a wife, Kathy, and three children, Max, Ben and Jessica. They live in Agoura Hills, CA. Guy was a serious family man, his sister said. When he wasn’t touring, he was at Max’s ball games or helping Ben craft songs. “They were the happiest family,” she said. “When they were together, it was magic.”

Donna Babylon said the last time she saw her brother perform was in Washington, D.C., in July 2009. She said his music will be his legacy. “He shared his gift and his love of music and talent with the world,” she said. “We are lucky to have it.”

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