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Mr. Kraft, Elton's on the line for you
Monday, January 23 2012

As Robert Kraft was holding the new-fangled Lamar Hunt trophy as AFC champions and talking about his late wife being the heavenly force that blew Billy Cundiff‘s 32-yard field goal wide left, he was handed a cell phone.

“It’s my pal Elton John,” Kraft announced, after hosting Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler in his owner’s suite as the Patriots beat the Ravens, 23-20, to advance to Super Bowl XLVI. “Hello, Elton! How are you my friend,” Kraft said. “You’re so kind.”

As the conversation wrapped up, Kraft again expressed his appreciation. “Thank you, your call means a great deal. I love you, man,” Kraft told Elton. Turns out, a phone call from Sir Elton John has been a tradition of sorts.

“He always used to call and he’d speak to my wife first, when we won a Super Bowl,” Kraft said. “He’s never won for an AFC championship. Whether he’s in Dubai or wherever he is in the world, he watches our games. He’s a huge Patriots fan and been a good friend of our family for over 25 years. I promise you he’ll be at our game in London. We’ll try to get him to Indy.”

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