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UPDATE: Elton John is making an American high school comedy
Friday, May 13 2005

"It's A Boy Girl Thing" is the story of two teen neighbours who hate one another but end up transferred into each other's bodies, reports the Manchester Evenig News.

It is described as an "American Pie-style comedy".

The film is being made by Elton's company Rocket Pictures and the star will executive-produce it with his partner David Furnish.

Title: It's a Boy Girl Thing

Logline: Story of poor but popular jock Woody and prim over-privileged academic Nell who are next-door neighbors and arch enemies. When a magical twist of fate causes them to swap bodies, they start to see each other in a different light.

Writer: Geoff Deane

Genre: Comedy , Fantasy , Teen

Production Company: Icon Entertainment, Rocket Pictures

Producer: Elton John, David Furnish, Steve Hamilton-Shaw, Marty Katz

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